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Renée Sunbird

yogini, singer, songwriter and mother
PUTUMAYO featured artist


Renée loves to lose and find herself in the music.
Sometimes she finds words like treasures and starts crafting them into songs. 
Other times, Mantras lead her to an ocean of wisdom without beginning or end. This ocean is where all the words and sounds come from. Everything and everyone is
 equally beautiful in that state of mind.

Sharing those gifts is the biggest joy and fulfillment for her. 

Renée Sunbird was first introduced to Yoga by her father.
Some years later she studied Indology (Sanskrit) and Philosophy at the University of Vienna and started to practice Yoga.
She went to India several times to deepen her Yoga practice and fell in love with Indian music, Mantra and Bhajan singing.

Renée accompanies herself on Ukulele, Autoharp or Sansula and usually her husband Boris plays on the Harmonium.

Mantras are a tool for the mind. They guide us to a place within us
where we can experience a sense of peace and silence.
When we start chanting Mantras, we can enter a deep state of meditation and feel who we really are.


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