"Wise words, spherical sounds, wonderful melodies, fragrant, light, as if from afar ...

A voice, tender, clear and pure that deeply touches the heart, and reminds us that we are vibration.

Thank you dear Renée for all your love, your gentle and mindful nature, your wisdom.
Thank you for your being.


Much love,
Flow-Nuad Wien"

New release "DIVE INTO THE BLUE" by magic songstress RENÉE SUNBIRD


DIVE INTO THE BLUE is a journey below the surface towards an inner sanctuary that lies far beyond the senses.

Renee takes the listener deep into their own treasures to help discover new wonders and elegantly illuminates the path towards one's own paradise.

Her music teaches that all we ever longed for may be already here right in front of our eyes and ears.


This fourth album combines deep spirituality with delicious entertainment.

Once again Renee collaborated with producer Thomas Barquee across the globe from Vienna to Los Angeles, featuring her one of a kind vocals, ukulele and xylophone  

accompanied by percussion, bass, piano, guitar, Indian violin and cello.

13 songs plus 2 bonus tracks in French.


An absolute recommendation!

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© 2015 by RENEE SUNBIRD. 

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