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I hope your summer was special and you made beautiful and everlasting memories. I had a wonderful summer. I really love summertime and sometimes I wish that summer in Austria was a bit longer than only two months. But I also like the coziness and insights of fall and winter and the hopeful, awakening energy of spring. Altogether I like, that: Everything has a rhythm. Nature has a rhythm - An outside rhythm we can observe in spring, summer, fall and winter. But also an internal rhythm we can see and feel in the ocean with the tides or the sunshine, the wind and the clouds. We as humans have a rhythm. Breathing in, breathing out, our heartbeat, our state of being in the morning, midday, afternoon and nighttime. But also in our life, going through childhood, youth, adulthood, parenthood and the blessing of being a grand-parent... Sometimes it helps to know about the rhythm of something. I feel that at the core of every being, there is a rhythm. It can be very powerful to bring our own rhythm in harmony with the rhythm that is around us. When we practice Yoga, or any kind of sport, it helps to follow the rhythm of our own breath. It also helps to follow the rhythm of the day - maybe morning works better than after lunch. When we learn a new move, it helps to listen to the sound and rhythm of the movement in order to learn it faster. In all cultures around the world, people created a rhythm, combined it with a melody and words to remember something. In India, people were able to remember huge amounts of wisdom, passed on for many centuries orally using rhythm, melody and words. This is where chanting Mantras has its origins. Rhythm creates dance. Have you ever been able to observe that a drum makes people dance? Did you ever think of our heartbeat in that way? We could dance all the time! Maybe we just forgot to dance - especially to our own rhythm. Maybe we forgot about rhythm altogether. Maybe it's time to remember. What do you think?

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