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"If we understand it, things are the way they are. If we don't understand it, things are the way they are. " (From China)

We never thought anything like that could happen, but now the time has come.

It's time to practice wuwei.

Wuwei means to refrain from acting. Not to react, but to wait. This is one of the most difficult exercises in Daoism. To recognize that it would not be wise to intervene in the principle of action that brings about the order and change of things. We can't make it better. That's why we stay in peace and let things happen without intervening. What a nice exercise.

Of course we can roll out your own mat at home and try what it feels like to practice yoga under these circumstances. Can we find wuwei in our body?

Of course we can take out our ukulele or any other instrument that we haven't played in a long time. Do we find wuwei in the sound of the instrument and our voice singing mantras?

My family and I will do this at home for the next few weeks. Of course we would like to practice, sing and laugh with our community. But sometimes it is the right thing to do something that is difficult.

Stay happy, healthy and keep practicing.

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