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Mahāmṛyuñjaya Mantra

Mahāmṛtyuñjaya Mantra means the big Mantra that conquers death. In the video you can listen to Lena and me chanting it together. You can also hear Kaiya coughing, because she was sick :) The Mantra comes from the Śri Rudram, one of the most important texts of the Veda. The literal translation is: We worship Tryambaka (the three-eyed God Śiva), who has a beautiful fragrance and cares for all beings. Like a (ripe) gourd falling from its stem, may he liberate us from the fear of death to realize our immortal self.

What does that mean?

When I sing English lyrics together with a Mantra, I find it hard to sing the literal translation of the mantra. Somehow it doesn't touch my heart in the same way the Mantra touches my heart. I like to feel the meaning of the Mantra, and give those feelings my very own words. Śiva is someone who embodies both dark and light, he is in between the opposites and shows us that they are an illusion of the senses. He has three eyes - two eyes to see duality, and the third eye to see beyond that. Our true self is beyond black and white. Once we can embrace the differences and let them be, we have understood the message of Śiva. Life is not about finding silence without words. It's finding silence in the words we use everyday. Life is not about finding Peace without actions. It's finding peace in everything we do. Life is not about having courage without any fears. Our true courage is hidden in our fears. Life is not about dreams far away from reality. It's about realizing that we are creating our life with the dreams we have. Life is not about aiming for a wisdom without tears. It's about finding wisdom in each teardrop. Life is not about waiting for the right moment to give. We can give so much, even if we have nothing at all. We can share a smile, a word, a hug. Especially if we would need it the most ourselves. We should go out and give what we are wishing for. Just like that. And of course life is not about wishing for love and life to happen sometime. Life is right now, it's this moment. If we can be happy with this moment as it is, with its flaws and imperfections, then we are truly alive. Then we awaken to the reality of diversity. This is the message that Śiva brings to me and I want to remind myself of it each time I chant the Mantra.


I am very excited about two events coming up soon: Saturday, December 8, 18.30 in Yogacenter Ganesha, Vienna: CD Release "Bleu Profond" I will sing all of my songs in french, we will have some cake and tea together and celebrate the beauty of french language :) Thursday, December 20, 20.00 in B72, Vienna: I will be the support act of the wonderful Twerdy! If you are in Vienna, you can get your ticket here:

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