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Do one thing that scares you each day. That sounds uncomfortable and scary at the same time.

WHY should we do that? I honestly believe that there's lots of life energy hidden in our fears and we can easily become more alive by facing our fears. We break with our habits and allow ourselves to truly get to know ourselves. Not just the surface version of ourselves, but the real raw spirit that we are. And don't get me wrong: Scary doesn't necessarily mean dangerous! Last week I heard a young woman saying: "I'm scared of children." I was scared of talking to people (not to mention singing!), I was afraid of inversions, doing the splits and someone calling my name saying: "Renée, you are the only one doing it wrong!"

Only we ourselves can know what scares us. Usually it's not dangerous at all, but our mind creates a nightmare just thinking about it. By facing that certain something, we give ourselves the chance to bring ourselves in balance. We do so many things each day that we feel comfortable doing. Doing only one thing that makes us uncomfortable seems to be just fair! And no need for avoiding and hiding is such a relief. Besides, there's a big happiness that comes with facing our fears. Bigger than we ever thought we could handle.

Have a beautiful week with sunshine, fears and happiness, Renée

Foto Credit: Sandra Tassani Movie: Manfred


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