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I love the word SURRENDER. It has this beautiful sound, saying it gives me a feeling of ease and grace and I have this image of allowing myself to fall into a bed of wonderful smelling flower petals. It's funny how a word can sound so beautiful and appealing, yet when it comes to living it and bringing it to life, it's anything but easy. Have you ever surrendered to something or somebody? If you have, I think you will agree that it's actually hard, if not the hardest work. At first there is the enthusiasm about the new thing (whatever that might be). Pure LOVE, pure JOY, 100% concentration. Then reality kicks in - it sucks. I want to stop, and rather do something else. There is a huge resistance and I either quit OR I surrender, keep going and actually break through to something GREAT. That's the hardest thing to do. Because a part of me has to die in the process, and this part usually fights hard to stay alive. So actually surrender means to die. A little death of a little "me." Death sounds less appealing. No image of wonderful smelling flower petals coming to my mind. I feel that all words we use are connected.. I dig into the meaning of one word and I find all the words, all the colors and aspects of life in this one word. That means we have a huge choice of how we can say and express things! That means we have a huge choice of how we can live and color our lives! We always have the choice of how we see things. What a blessing to be alive.

Foto Credit: Sandra Tassani Movie: Manfred


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