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The One Note

Last weekend I spent at the Ultimate Freedom Festival in Bratislava. It was a wonderful Festival with beautiful teachers from all over the world. I joined exactly one class and it was... the class from my husband Boris. I loved it and learned lots of new things. In that class he said that in practicing Yoga asanas we want to expand our range of motion because that makes it easier to find our center. So simply said and so true.

Yesterday I read this beautiful story in the Didgeridoo book by David Lindner and it's the same message in different words: "Once upon a time there was a virtuoso musician in a small town, playing his instrument day in, day out. The older he became, the fewer sounds he played. After a while, he only played one note, but with complete dedication and all the love of his heart. One day a famous music group gave a concert in the small town. The musician's wife went and listened to the group's performance. Excited, she came home and told her husband: "They have played countless rhythms and sounds, fast, slow, up and down. You can do a lot more, why are you always playing only one note?" The man just said: "They're still searching their note!"

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