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I still remember feeling lost and having a hard time to find my place in the world, travelling from here to there, searching for the perfect place, always starting and looking for something new, and then quitting, looking for something else that could be the right thing for me. At some point, I realized that the most important thing in life is CREATIVITY. If we have access to creativity, it doesn't matter what we are doing. We can clean and wash the dishes, we can work in a supermarket, build houses, teach Mathematics or teach Yoga... No matter what we do - if we can be creative, we can be happy.

As children in school and after school, constantly, we are asked: What do you want to do when you're grown up? What makes you happy? As if happiness was waiting somewhere outside, and the most important thing to do was to get the right education to get there.

But all we need to do is to keep creativity flowing. As children we are ALL creative. Children see something where adults see nothing. They can PLAY that this room is a highway full of cars, and to them, this is really true. There is no difference between reality and imagination. Isn't that great?

If we keep the creativity flowing, we are happy. And we cannot pin it down to what we are doing, because what we are doing is just a side effect.

creare, creo means to bring into being, make, give birth to, to choose.

We choose our very own perspective of how we see things, and that changes everything. We don't take reality as something that cannot be changed, because really, this is NEVER the case. Everything can be changed, and everything is always changing.

In changing our own perspective, we change the whole picture. We create our own reality. It's almost too simple to believe, isn't it?

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