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Dive into the Blue

There's a story to every song, making it special and dear to me, and I will tell you the story of six songs today.

The whole album is called DIVE INTO THE BLUE, and I feel that's the best way to lead a life. Diving means to go deep, beyond the surface, beyond what you can see and what you can experience with your senses. There is no goal to achieve and no finish line to reach. It's just about the joy of diving. Diving to find that there is no limit to your abilities, to find the magic and joy of your own life. That doesn't mean to be happy all the time, just as diving doesn't mean to be happy all the time. The pleasure of diving is so great that you take the good and bad, and you have no other choice but to enjoy it, because both the good and the bad enable you to dive.

PARADISE As a kid and teenager, my Dad gave me lots of great books to read. The ones I loved most, played in tropical and exotic islands. I promised myself that I would, one day, live in such a place. I would really live the DREAM, and have it all. And then I travelled. I have been to exotic and tropical places and most of the times, all I could think of was MOSQUITOES. I was in love. My heart was broken because of a love story. I was lonely. Or I struggled because of some illness. Hardly ever did I see the green and brightly colored, the lush and overwhelming nature in the same way that I had experienced them when I read the book. It hit me one time, when I realized that it was the book in the first place that had fascinated me. If I could see Vienna, or any place in that same way, as the author had described the tropical islands, then I could live in Paradise, no matter where I was. I could, after all live the dream, no matter where I was. Paradise was in my perspective... Paradise was in my soul.


I'm sure you all had moments where family, or friends have some great advice for you, and you know it's totally true, but somehow you cannot follow it. Or you read wonderful books and quotes, but after a few days, you forgot what you read. The wisdom of others is always the wisdom of others. And the knowledge and wisdom you gain for yourself, is always yours. But no matter what, we can never hold on to that, because wisdom and knowledge is always bound to a certain situation. It's wonderful to have an insight and have this moment of beauty. But what usually happens is that we want to repeat that moment of beauty and share it with others. But it's not possible to repeat life.


The song is about how we keep walking in our habits, thinking about life in a certain way, preferring certain things and disliking others. But every sound is music for the soul. To our soul it doesn't matter if it's Mozart or the cars on the street, children laughing and being loud or the singing of birds. Everything is music. All around us are stories to be told. Everything is a possible story and has potential for greatness. We can change everything by deciding how we see it. And .... we can dance to it all.


One time I was taking a walk in Paris and I saw the scattered glass on the street, and it was so beautiful. Even though it was broken, it was reflecting the light in a magical and wonderful way that it never would have, had it stayed whole. Usually when something is broken, we feel the need to fix it. But sometimes there is incredible beauty in not fixing it.


My dad told me one time that looking back at his life, he felt as if he has been running all the time, and it almost feels as if it had been the life of someone else. It made me quite sad when he said it, but I could see myself running all the time too. And then I thought that maybe in running, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Maybe running is our purpose in life. Life as an endless cycle of growth, with no finish line. And it's our own misunderstanding that we think there is one.

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