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There are so many reasons for me to love Mantras. One reason why I love Mantras so much is because they focus on simplicity. Usually they have four chords, and sometimes even less. Four chords are easy to learn. The words of the Mantra are usually easy to learn. So in no time, you have the feeling that you can make music together with friends.

When I grew up I learned piano and double bass for more than 7 years but I never reached the point where I felt "good enough" to play. I still have the feeling that I cannot really play these instruments. The approach to music in my generation and culture was very much about reaching a state of perfection. It was all about the results. The classes were very strict, and definitely not fun. I never thought about the fact that you "play" music. Is it possible to learn how to play? I think it's essential to start with playing first. Then you have the motivation that keeps you going. And in playing you learn! Playing is fun and when you reach difficulties, you get creative about reaching your goal. You learn automatically and far more than you are aware of. Mantras can heal on so many levels. This is one level where I feel they healed me. Mantras gave me joy about something I never thought I would do in my life: They made me want to play music. So if you are like me and have had a difficult relationship with music, maybe you want to give it a try, and think about trying again? I want to share a wonderful Mantra with you today and give you the chords. The Mantra is Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: ------------------- Lokah Samastah F C G Am Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu May you feel Peace in your Heart May Love Be who you are May Everyone Everywhere Be Happy Feel Compassion and Be Free ------------------- You can try playing on an instrument you know, or on an instrument that you borrow from a friend or you can try out a completely new instrument. Most important thing is: Enjoy playing! Have a great summer! Renée

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